Who We Are

Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment is home for many practitioners, healers and guides. Each offer a unique set of skills and services to help you find your inner harmony and wholeness. We offer clients  insight into areas that they may not be currently exploring. The future of wellness is a holistic approach. Our combined offerings utilize the interconnections between modalities to create health, harmony and wellness for those seeking complimentary and collaborative approaches to their wellbeing. We serve individuals and our community by considering each person holistically. We strive to integrate the modalities of our practitioners for an all encompassing wellness experience.

Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment  offers wellness, harmony and enrichment through a variety of modalities.

   Some Transformation Experiences Include:

  • InLight Therapy Photobiomodulation

  • Holistic Health Science VibroAcoustic Sound Lounge Therapy

  • Massage Therapy

  • Enrichment Classes

  • Movement Classes

  • Workshops

  • Rune Readings

*We are Authorized Representatives for InLight Medical and Holistic Health Sciences to provide a number of equipment technologies which are FDA cleared and address specific health and wellness needs.

Meet The Team 

Tatia Fick


As the owner and curator of Sedona Center for Harmony and Enrichment, Tatia Fick has extensive experience in the health and wellness field. With her wide array of community connection, and the passion about cultivating the right people and the right modalities, she has created a more holistic approach to health and wellness along with the team at Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment. Tatia has worked with children as a paraprofessional, with artists in her business Sedona Art Tours and is also a certified Light Therapy Practitioner with InLight Therapy polychromatic LED light systems.

Wendy Weidman

Vibrational Healer, Certified Vibroacoustic Therapy Practitioner


Wendy Weidman, founder of Savvy Genius, is our resident Sound Lounge Master! She is a conduit for the frequencies that activate our highest human potential. Working with energy medicine for over 30 years, and vibroacoustic therapy since 2016, she attracts adventure enthusiasts wanting to keep their bodies feeling great with advanced light and sound technologies, couples looking to heal & more deeply connect, and those seeking clarity while in the midst of a life-transition (empty-nest, divorce, considering retirement or a soul-centered self employment).

Specializing in Adventure Recovery Sessions with Frequency Therapy, Couples Quantum Vibroacoustic Transformations, and Galactivation Divination Readings/Experiences, Wendy assists people to harmonize their frequencies across all aspects of life for High-Vibe, balanced, Well-BEing. As a Visionary with InHarmony,  certified in Vibroacoustic Therapy, Ütritionist with Üforia - DNA based nutrition, trained in Quantum Touch Healing, The Wonder Method and Touch Therapy, she provides in-person and remote sessions and classes on outdoor adventure recovery, couples realignments, biokinesis, DNA nutritional support and holistic life-optimization.

Learn more at: http://inlightandsound.technology    

Gina Anala

Conscious Dance Teacher, Creator of Embodiment Labs

Gina works with people by exploring a deep understanding of the physical and emotional/mental body impact on awareness. Together we expand your fullness, increase your awareness and explore your wisdom of your field to open and be more attuned and responsive in your communication and sense of wholeness. Over the last 20 years her learning and sharing has brought her to leading others through curating collectives in an increasing complex awareness of structure and flow.  Her cultivation of a wide full embodied self has come through deep collective work through multiple practices in conscious dance, network chiropractic, integral theory and STAGES, group embodied psychotherapy, Embodiment Labs and Gene Keys. 

Learn more at https://www.fromfullness.com/


Susan Mare Houston

Rune Diviner 

Susan’s training as a diviner and mystic began on the sacred Isle of Avalon, also known as Glastonbury, England many years ago.

She Spent 15 years doing Akashic clearings for an international clientele until the runes woke within her during a 6 month stay in Glastonbury. The runes opened up very deep ancestral roots as her paternal Ancestors, The Grimms, asked for reconnection. The Runes s sentient Beings began teaching her their rhythm, vibration and language and have shown her many world and mysteries.


During a reading, Susan uses a personally designed Soul Map which is a northern tradition Shamanic divination tool. The reading consists of two rounds of divination, the first round giving a general overview and the second round use the Runes for more specific information.

If you are wondering what your path is, if you are doubting the path you are currently on, if you are unaware of your specific gift and assets, this reading is for you!

Alana Green


Alana is a longtime local to the Sedona area and was the web creatrix to start this site!

You can find more of her creations at https://www.meyouandtheuniverse.link/  





Feel free to call us~ It's our pleasure to answer any questions you may have about our sessions or rentals.


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Email: SedonaCHE@gmail.com

Phone: (928)-554-1951

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