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Wendy Weidman


Vibrational Healer, Certified Vibroacoustic Therapy Practitioner

Wendy is the founder of Savvy Genius and our resident Sound Lounge Master! She is a conduit for the frequencies that activate our highest human potential. Working with energy medicine for over 30 years, and vibroacoustic therapy since 2016, she attracts adventure enthusiasts wanting to keep their bodies feeling great with advanced light and sound lounge technologies, couples looking to more deeply connect, and those seeking clarity while in the midst of a life-transition. 


Specializing in Adventure Recovery Sessions with Frequency Therapy, Couples Quantum Vibroacoustic Transformations, Vibro-Chakra Energizing and Galactivation Divination Readings/Experiences, Wendy assists people to harmonize their frequencies across all aspects of life for High-Vibe, balanced, Well-BEing. As a Visionary with InHarmony, certified in Vibroacoustic Therapy, trained in Quantum Touch Healing, Access Consciousness ® Bars Clearings, The Wonder Method and Touch Therapy, she provides in-person frequency transformation sessions, outdoor adventure recovery, couples realignments, biokinesis, and holistic life-optimization.

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