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Jim Berenholtz

Jim Berenholtz Headshot .jpeg

Ceremonial Artist

Jim Berenholtz is an international ceremonial artist who has explored, researched and performed in over 90 countries. As a composer, painter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, he celebrates the unity in diversity of ancient and indigenous traditions.


He is author of the book “Journey to the Four Directions”, the composer of numerous film soundtracks, and in 1987 was the global coordinator of the International Sacred Sites Festival that focalized the Harmonic Convergence. Jim subsequently performed for 23 years as a snakedancer with live pythons and boa constrictors, and saved their shed skins to bury around the world in healing rituals of planetary transformation. He continues in that same spirit in Sedona, guiding local archaeological tours, offering personalized animal spirit readings, and building medicine wheels for the community.   

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