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Everyone in life experiences things that are both positive and negative.

Life is guaranteed to throw us curveballs as we meander through time and space. Some of those curveballs can be positive and sometimes those curveballs are negative. Generally, we’re unhappy when a negative event befalls us.

We quickly judge the event as negative, bad, or terrible and push our way through it as fast as we can. We close our eyes, squinch up our face, and push through it with a herculean effort to get to the other side.

But what if what we are perceiving as negative is actually catalyzing a positive change in our lives? What if this negative circumstance is a direct answer to something you have been hoping for, praying for, or wishing for?

What if… the very thing you are trying to push out of existence is the one challenge that if faced, could bring in the hopes and dreams you have been longing for?

When we change our perspective to see everything as interconnected, we learn that positive and negative are on the same continuum of polarity.

Rather than perceiving them as polar opposites, viewing positive and negative through the complementarity of Yin & Yang creates a profound internal shift. Yin & Yang exist in service to each other, complementing and completing each other in a deep and profound way where one without the other cannot. Their polarity is connected, just like that event or circumstance you are seeing as negative.

Think back on an experience in your life that you have defined as negative. Perhaps you are imagining childhood trauma, struggles with romance, a difficult work environment, issues with children or your family, or struggles with finances.

Do you have a memory in mind? Good. Stay with me…

As you think about that difficult situation, can you see how the roads that you took diverged from where you would have gone—had you not had the experience to begin with? What different doors opened to you because of the financial issues or childhood trauma you experienced? What passions were birthed in your heart because you had a lifelong pattern of relationship challenges?

When you look back in time and over these challenging experiences, often those are the crucibles that guide or propel us to explore a different avenue. Once on that new avenue… a different, better, and more abundant outcome results.

Often that negative experience is the very thing guiding us to the positive outcome we desire—hence a polarity shift.

Negative events will drive you to something different. They are crucibles. They demand decision, reflection, and courage. That thing you are pursuing now, you might never have discovered without the negative experience that guided you there.

It’s kind of like Alice in Wonderland looking through the looking glass where things weren’t what they seemed. The world was very different when you look on the other side of the mirror. The same with life and the same with polarity.

A movie director can choose a close-up or wide shot for any film or theatrical production—what if we did the same thing with our life experiences?

Let’s pretend that we are the director of our own life. Step back and re-examine close up those seemingly negative events myopically. Study the process, look at what you did or didn’t do, examine the environment, look at the details.

Now, stop and pull way back to get a broader view of the event. Look for other forces at play, examine the environment, look at all of the people in the wide-angle. What are you seeing differently?

Often we miss tons of information when we only focus on a closeup frame.

To attain a polarity shift in our thinking we must pull away and get a wide shot to see all the random factors at work. Witnessing this creates a quantum leap in our perception.

This level of perception change is no different than an atom or positive or negative electron experiencing a polarity shift. We’re all made of electrons and atoms plus a few fat cells! We already have what it takes. Be open to perceive that there’s a way out of the negative or better yet see that the negative is guiding you to a new possibility for a positive outcome.

This is the ‘gift of negativity’ which encourages you to get to a place of positivity through the realization that both exist in polarity to one another on a continuum.

This means negativity or anything negative is not the enemy is just the flip side of everything positive. It’s how you perceive it.

Choose wisely and go through the process. Pause, wait, and take stock. This allows things to change and transform into something you didn’t expect.

It seems like positivity thrives on the unexpected. If you really look at polarity at a deeper level most things that are positive in your life often emanate into something new. A new realization or new experience in the present moment keeps us spinning with the wheel of life during our short time here on Earth.

Stop and take a moment to appreciate the negative, try not judge it, or give it extra meaning. Just allow it to be. Now take a wide-angle view of the situation and see if anything changes. Know that your perception is the catalytic fuel to propel you into ‘the positive’ perception which is what you really desire.


Gary Stuart Oct. 2021

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