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The Sedona Effect

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

What is a Vortex and What makes Sedona so Special?

Of the nearly 5-million visitors we get each year in Sedona, many often wonder what it is that makes this place so powerful or they have an indescribable pull that draws them to the region. We’ll share why this land is considered to be so sacred and some of the theories that occur within the vortex phenomena

Amongst locals, in Sedona there is a term we use to describe the energy here, considered to be "The Sedona Effect". So, what is it and why does it make Sedona so special? To understand this, we first need to understand how the vortex phenomena comes about from the environment itself.

The vortexes aka vortices in Sedona arise due to the natural composition of elements in the environment. In other words, the vortices are a consequence of the geophysics of the landscape in the region. When we look at the composition of the geology in the Sedona region, we find an interesting combination of elements that contributes to electromagnetic energy storage and amplification:

Red Rock: Oxidized Iron = Iron = Electrical Conductor

Dark Gray Rock: Basalt = Electrical Insulator

Sparkly Bits In Red Rock: Quartz Crystal = Energy Amplifier Iron/Conductor + Basalt/Insulator = BATTERY

Battery + Amplifier = High frequency locality = High Energy Environment

This together produces an elevated energetic experience in the region.

So then…. where does the "charge" aka electricity come from that contributes to a powered battery? Well Sedona sits on what is referred to as a "Ley Line", which is a point on the earth's surface where electromagnetic energy permeates the earth's crust in a grid like fashion. (Remember from middle school that our planet has a molten iron and nickel core which produces a global permeating magnetic field that protects us from solar radiation. It’s what allows compasses to sense magnetic north.)

This electromagnetic field expands through the surface at numerous concentrated grid points across the planet, which are known as ley lines and include locations like:

- Sedona, AZ

- Mount Shasta, CA

- The Great Pyramids of Giza

- Stonehenge in England

- Machu Picchu in Peru

- And many others….

The magnetic field of our planet essentially activates the electrons in iron and thus produces a low-grade battery effect via the presence of basalt alongside the iron. Electricity and magnetism are intertwined. They are like two sides of the same coin of energy -- Yin and Yang if you will. The magnetic field from the ley lines causes the electrons in the iron within the red rocks to spin (AKA vibrate) with a charge. This process is known as electromagnetic induction.

The motion and configuration of the electrons determines the "gender” of the vortex:

- Upward moving electromagnetic energy = Masculine Vortex (Stimulating Energy)

- Downward moving electromagnetic energy = Feminine Vortex (Calming Energy)

- Mixed/Stationary electromagnetic energy = Neutral Vortex

In short: Sedona is a Geomagnetic Battery that is consistently fed a charge by our plant's own core and magnetic field. The environment itself subtly vibrates at a higher rate than anything outside of it, thus producing an elevated experience of reality.

Well now, why is this sacred to the human experience?

This vibration or charge is in essence The Sedona Effect. So how does this Sedona Effect make Sedona so special?

This subtle electromagnetic vibration affects the reality around it:

1. The charge/vibration affects our nervous system which runs on mineral ions (Ca, Mag, K, Zn, etc.). Our nervous system is directly connected to our brains. The vibration/charge in Sedona elevates our experience of life essentially.

That is why many individuals feel "different" or “elevated" in Sedona.

2. We have magnetite in our brains which help us sense the magnetic field of the planet and thus gives us an orientation of North, South, East, and West. This orientation varies among individuals but is present, nonetheless. The charge/vibration in Sedona stimulates the magnetite in our brains as well as our nerves thus producing a range of emotions and feelings.

3. On a Quantum level this charge/vibration causes the 3D structure of matter to speed up thus causing an extra dimensional effect. This is why intuitive individuals such as empaths and healers flock to Sedona, they naturally have sensitive nervous systems and thus their intuition is elevated to an extraordinary level in this environment. They can see through the veil between dimensional reality as a result of this.

4. The combination of the colors from the RED (rocks), the GREEN (trees) and the BLUE (sky) contrast produces a visual sensory effect that is unique. All 3 colors are very different and separated from each other on the color scale. According to color therapy, each color produces different qualities or feelings for people.

Sedona’s history dates back beyond the time a “Vortex” was identified in the region.

The Indigenous tribes of the region have long seen the landscape around Sedona as a sacred land for millennia. Native American healing rituals through chants, dance, plant medicine, meditation, and movement therapy all affect the nervous system and brain to some extent or another. The Native Americans used the land alongside their rituals as an amplifier to their own healing practices. The nervous system of the individual being healed was already in a way primed by the environment thus allowing the rituals and ceremonies to have an optimal effect.

You can literally have a more elevated experience of human existence simply by just being on this land.

As you come to Sedona, we hope you may tap into the healing energy of the land for your own healing as well as to support, uplift, and raise the vibration of the collective. We hope you may honor the sacredness with respect to the land, to those that share the space with you, and in honor of all those who have come before or will come here after you. May we all collectively raise the vibration while experiencing the vibration of the vortex energy in Sedona.

From the healing energy of Sedona and all of us at Sedona Mystical Tours, we wish you all peace, love, and fulfillment in your journey.

We would be delighted to share the journey with you during your time in Sedona.

To learn more about our healing inspired vortex tours, please visit: Sedona Mystical Tours - Sedona Mystical Tours

Written by Taylor Deters

Sedona Mystical Tours Spiritual Guide

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