Local Practitioners & Services 

Daniel Posney
Shamanic Healer

Daniel Posney provides life transformation, energetic and shamanic healing, intuitive guidance, initiation into higher consciousness and soul activation. Daniel does this by causing shifts in perspective, higher consciousness and spiritual awakening. Breathwork and vibration/sound is used to open the door.



Helen & Ted
Medical Intuitive & Reiki Master 

Winds of Change Healing is a partnership of Ted and Helen VerPlanck.

Our transformative practice of deep healing utilizes Energy Medicine, Reiki and Sound Healing combined with our Medical Intuitive abilities and Multidimensional Connections. Our unique blend of modalities bridge mind, body and spirit and has enabled our clients to reduce stress, heal from illness, bring relief to chronic pain, recover from surgery and deal with their grief. Together, we empower our clients to tap into their inherent ability to heal from within and live a healthier, more satisfying and purposeful life. Each session starts with Chakra Balancing, Meridian Evaluation, Sound Healing, Aura Cleansing/Strengthening, and intuitively access the quantum field to provide deep healing.

For any questions or to discuss scheduling a session, email verplancktedhelen@gmail.com 

 Ted (603) 662-2244     Helen (207) 520-9640


Karen Durham
Intuitive Reader & Dance Teacher

Karen has a lifelong curiosity about and commitment to intuition, creative/emotional processing, and conveying truths of past, present and potential. After earning a B.A. in Literature and living in several metropolitan cities in the U.S., she spent five years living all over Asia, including studying with experts in Bali, the Philippines, India and Thailand in realms of astrology, contact improv dance, asana, performance poetry and silent meditation. Karen is a vivacious communicator and truth-pursuer who adores journeys of self-inquiry and examining how the planets co-inform our inner lives.  


Dani Magaziner
Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator

Dani offers a comfortable & confidential space for women to express what’s happening with their bodies, and to experience the profound magic of yoni steaming. She became certified to facilitate steam sessions through the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute, where she is currently pursuing their most advanced certificate. Her wisdom in the realm of feminine health blends the ancient and the modern, the mystical and the practical; and her passion for sharing her knowledge is the foundation of all her sessions.


To read more about yoni steaming (including conditions & phases of life where steam can be beneficial), check out her website: www.celestialsteam.com

Jan Carole Kruse
Intuitive Energy Healer 

Through Bridge of Healing, Jan Carole Kruse offers energy work that is intuitively customized for your needs. Each session is unique and individualized, creating a safe space and strong heart connection to bring the most positive outcome.


Working with angels and guides, Jan empathetically provides balancing & grounding, relaxation & stress release, and clearing of blockages & dis-ease within the energetic body. She has been guided to share this gift to assist others in the journey of self-healing.


For appointments, contact Jan at (928) 451-1414.

E-mail: jankruseid@gmail.com


Monday-Wednesday, 10am-2pm

Thursday-Saturday, 10am-6pm

All other times by appointment. 


(See Event Listings For Individual Event Times)

Email: SedonaCHE@gmail.com

Phone: (928)-554-1951

Address: 1575 W. State Rte 89A Ste. A&B                 Sedona, Az 86336

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