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Tatia Fick
Owner, Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment

As the owner and curator of Sedona Center for Harmony and Enrichment, Tatia Fick has extensive experience in the health and wellness field. With her wide array of community connection, and the passion about cultivating the right people and the right modalities, she has created a more holistic approach to health and wellness along with the team at Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment. Tatia has worked with children as a paraprofessional, with artists in her business Sedona Art Tours and is also a certified Light Therapy Practitioner with InLight Therapy polychromatic LED light systems.

Rhea 2.JPG
Rhea Maceris
Life Coach & Certified Hypnotherapist

One thing is for sure, I didn’t become a Life Coach overnight. For over 25 years, I’ve been honored to guide thousands of Clients. Each soul is welcomed with an open heart. 


I’ve evolved traditional hypnotherapy into a new form of spiritual inquiry. Imagine Getaways sessions invoke self-exploration, insight, creativity and transformation of old ways of thinking and being into new magical ways of living and self-love. Imagine that! imaginegetaways.com


“Rhea is amazing! I came to her with a sad spirit – one full of shame and in need of inspiration and the ability to forgive. With her inner journeys and outer journeys, Rhea guided me to restore my spirit, my joie de vivre, my spark. Rhea saved me from myself. She is exceptional in her abilities to sort through a person’s chaos so they can heal themselves and move forward. I will be eternally grateful that our paths crossed.’
Laura – Canada

Fae Anaya
Certified Intuitive Hypnotherapist

My passion is transformation; I love working with souls on the path of self discovery, those who seek to unlock their highest potential, work through past trauma, and discover a life they will love to live.  


I often use a combination of Hypnosis, NLP, HMR, Energy Healing, Ritual, and Spirit Guide Messages to create a plan that will get you on the fast track to where you want to be.


I received my Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy through the Hypnosis Motivation Institute residency program (750 hrs); I am a Reiki Level 3 Teacher and Clairvoyant Medium.

Website: YouExpanded.com

Facebook: @youexpanded

Chancy Brokaw
Energy Medicine Practitioner & Womb Healer

Chancy offers Shamanic Womb Healing Sessions, empowering women to release past trauma, and reconnect to their feminine body and soul. Women come to Chancy seeking healing and wholeness surrounding menstruation, fertility, pregnancy loss, relationships, womb imbalances, life purpose, sexual healing and more. Chancy works with the wisdom of the womb and luminous energy body to help women experience vitality, creative flow, and clarity.


Chancy Deanna is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner from the Four Winds Society, Intuitive Womb Healer, Certified Doula, and Certified Women's Health Mentor. Chancy holds a BA in Psychology, and has been a Practitioner of the Healing Arts for 11 years. 


To schedule:

Email:  chancy@chancydeanna.com 

Phone: 808 647-0925

Website: www.chancydeanna.com 

Dani Magaziner
Certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator

As a practitioner of Folk Gynecology, Dani's passion for radical body sovereignty is the foundation of all her sessions. She offers a comfortable and confidential space for women to express what is happening in their bodies, and to be supported in the cultivation of their own intuitive process.


She became certified to facilitate pelvic steam sessions through the Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute, where she is currently pursuing their most advanced certificate. She has continued to expand her education in pelvic health care, studying with several independent teachers throughout the US, including midwives and bodyworkers. She focuses on natural & non-invasive tools that clients can also learn to utilize in their own homes -- encouraging each person to take charge of their own health.  http://mycelestialbody.com/

Christel Veraart
Composer, Musician & Singer

Christel Veraart is a composer, musician and singer with over 35 years of teaching experience across Europe and the Americas. She has recorded a number of albums, and has received multiple awards. Her music has featured in film, dance and stage productions, and was recently broadcast on acclaimed US radio programs Hearts of Space and Night Tides. Besides her work as a composer and performer, she works with students of all ages and levels, and focuses on helping students to find their own voice within a framework of solid techniques.

Read more about Christel Veraart on christelveraart.com

Read More on Creative Clinics on bit.ly/CreativeClinics

Jim Berenholtz
Animal Spirit Reader 

Jim Berenholtz is an international ceremonial artist who has explored, researched and performed in over 90 countries. As a composer, painter, singer and multi-instrumentalist, he celebrates the unity in diversity of ancient and indigenous traditions. He is author of the book “Journey to the Four Directions”, the composer of numerous film soundtracks, and in 1987 was the global coordinator of the International Sacred Sites Festival that focalized the Harmonic Convergence. Jim subsequently performed for 23 years as a snakedancer with live pythons and boa constrictors, and saved their shed skins to bury around the world in healing rituals of planetary transformation. He continues in that same spirit in Sedona, guiding local archaeological tours, offering personalized animal spirit readings, and building medicine wheels for the community.   

Learn more: http://jimberenholtz.com/

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Joshua Laxson
Reiki Master 

Joshua Laxson is a reiki master offering sessions for relaxation. Sessions involve a gentle touch on and off the body where reiki energy is channeled and circulated to holistically address the energetic needs of the individual. Joshua offers in person and distance sessions at 60 minutes for $85. 

Book a session now! 

Call: 360-853-6556  

Email:  liveindelight11@gmail.com 

Karen Durham
Intuitive Reader & Dance Teacher

Karen has a lifelong curiosity about and commitment to intuition, creative/emotional processing, and conveying truths of past, present and potential. After earning a B.A. in Literature and living in several metropolitan cities in the U.S., she spent five years living all over Asia, including studying with experts in Bali, the Philippines, India and Thailand in realms of astrology, contact improv dance, asana, performance poetry and silent meditation. Karen is a vivacious communicator and truth-pursuer who adores journeys of self-inquiry and examining how the planets co-inform our inner lives.  


Claire Obermarck

Claire is the former Chair, programmer and regular host of Edinburgh’s oldest formal Storytelling Club as well as sitting on the Directory & Forum of The Scottish Storytelling Centre.

Mentored by Master Storyteller David Campbell, Claire has appeared at festivals, public events and on the radio as well as working projects with archaeologists, historians and social workers. She’s taught teachers how to tell stories as well as worked with young offenders, detached groups and addicts.  She was even invited to tell a story to Scottish Parliament!

The word ‘ceilidh’ (kay lee) means simply to gather. Ceilidh Corner is a monthly gathering where anyone can Tell a Story, Recite a Poem, Sing a Song or Play a Tune. Traditional Storytelling grounds and heals naturally.

Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/StorytellingSedona/ 

Jan Carole Kruse
Intuitive Energy Healer 

Through Bridge of Healing, Jan Carole Kruse offers energy work that is intuitively customized for your needs. Each session is unique and individualized, creating a safe space and strong heart connection to bring the most positive outcome.


Working with angels and guides, Jan empathetically provides balancing & grounding, relaxation & stress release, and clearing of blockages & dis-ease within the energetic body. She has been guided to share this gift to assist others in the journey of self-healing.


For appointments, contact Jan at (928) 451-1414.

E-mail: jankruseid@gmail.com

Helen & Ted
Medical Intuitive & Reiki Master 

Winds of Change Healing is a partnership of Ted and Helen VerPlanck.

Our transformative practice of deep healing utilizes Energy Medicine, Reiki and Sound Healing combined with our Medical Intuitive abilities and Multidimensional Connections. Our unique blend of modalities bridge mind, body and spirit and has enabled our clients to reduce stress, heal from illness, bring relief to chronic pain, recover from surgery and deal with their grief. Together, we empower our clients to tap into their inherent ability to heal from within and live a healthier, more satisfying and purposeful life. Each session starts with Chakra Balancing, Meridian Evaluation, Sound Healing, Aura Cleansing/Strengthening, and intuitively access the quantum field to provide deep healing.

For any questions or to discuss scheduling a session, email verplancktedhelen@gmail.com 

 Ted (603) 662-2244     Helen (207) 520-9640






Feel free to call us~ It's our pleasure to answer any questions you may have about our sessions or rentals.


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Email: SedonaCHE@gmail.com

Phone: (928)-554-1951

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