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Sedona Art Tours

Tours to artists studios 

Art tours are lead by Tatia Fick a long time Sedona local and Gallery owner.

About the Owner

Tatia Lynna Fick is the Director for Vision Tours Unlimited in Sedona, AZ. While a Bed and Breakfast owner in Sedona, Tatia formed business relationships with many area artists. She is very knowledgeable about local artists, and has maintained close friendships with most of them for many years.

While living in San Diego years ago, Tatia owned her own tour company taking tour groups throughout the Southwest, including Baja, CA, and Santa Fe, NM. Her connection to the art world is innate. Her uncle travels the world restoring artwork in famous old buildings and homes and was involved in the restoration of the Capitol Building and the Jefferson Library and her brother is a well established artist in Mesa, AZ.

3 Artist Tours

Each 3 hour tour consists of visiting the artists in their homes and/or studios. Hearing firsthand stories of inspirations and reasons for locating to Sedona, along with observing the artists "create" is an incredible experience. While traveling along the tour route you will also enjoy hearing local history, geology, legends and fun information about the flora and fauna found in Sedona.


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