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About Us

Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment opened it's doors in 2019.


Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment is an event space for many practitioners, healers and guides offering wellness, harmony and enrichment through a variety of modalities.

Please see our newsletters for updates on our many monthly events with local practitioners, as well as retreats, workshops and classes held by facilitators from all over the world. We will continue to keep everyone posted as we have new artists gracing our walls and cabinets on social media, so please sign up here and follow us

Instagram: @sedonache 

Facebook: @SedonaCHE

Tatia Fick | Founder 

Tatia Fick Headshot .jpg

My dream to have a center started when I was running tours for my own company and freelancing for others. I then moved to Sedona in 2001 and the dream kept growing.


It incubated and developed around my love of art, community, and healing. I believe in the power of a wholistic approach to healing.


Over the course of several years SCHE has blossomed from 400 sq ft to 1230 sq ft and the small gallery portion of the healing space has now become a full blown gallery!


I like to think of my role here as a host maintaining a container for magical connections.


This is what Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment means to me.


A place for community events and workshops and for local artists to share their work.

To learn more about the story of SCHE, click here to read my blog post.

Light Therapy

In 2013 I discovered the miracle of Light Therapy and how revitalized I felt from this technology. I became a certified Light Therapy Practitioner.


If you would like to know more about Light Therapy or book a session, Discover Here.

The Space

SCHE is great for weekend retreats, classes, workshops, intimate concerts, group ceremonies, and more. 

There is a small area that can be used as a 1on1 session room or breakout space

Room Size: 1200+ sq ft


$500/day for Retreats/Workshops/Classes

Price: $50 per hour

(Tables and Chairs included)

(Two 6' tables, A card table, 2 small tables, 40 chairs)

Additional Equipment Available:

 Sound Equipment: $12.50 per hour

Projector: $25 per hour

(Complimentary purified water and access to coffee pot with coffee included with rental.)

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