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The Story Of SCHE

20 years ago, I had a 3yr old, was running a B&B in Sedona and giving readings to people on the side. People often told me during their readings that I should do something bigger, but I was happy with my life as is. Then I began dreaming. I dreamed of a Center where people could come together and share their knowledge. I would not be an “owner”, but a host to give a container for magical connections. For many years after, I kept it filed away in the back of my mind.

Raising children and creating a flourishing art tour business, I began to see what the three loves of my life were. Working with kids, sharing beautiful art with the world, and creating a haven for practitioners who want to share their gifts. For many years, I bounced between my passions thinking of a way to bring them all together.

I later discovered the miracle of Light Therapy and how revitalized I felt from this technology. I became a certified Light Therapy Practitioner and, I, with my friend Wendy Weidman opened our studio InLightandSoundImmersion in 2016.

As my children grew, I began to feel the initial dream of having a Center knock on my door again.

In 2019 I organized summer camps for kids that turned out to be phenomenally successful. In taking a step back, I realized I was beginning to live my dream. Selling art in the studio, hosting practitioners, and creating kid’s camps.

The studio events were multiplying and growing faster than the container could hold. We were literally bursting at the seams of our little studio. One day a friend of mine walked in and told me about “MoonshotAZ” and the “Pioneer Pitch Program with VVREO”. I could actually pitch my dream to someone and make this happen? Find a bigger space and expand? That was the final spark I needed to set my dream aflame, and that wildfire grew into the Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment (SCHE).

SCHE is a place to provide tools to empower peoples’ personal transformation journey through dedicated time and space. A space for children to have fun and learn interactively. A place for community events and workshops and for local artists to share their work.

This is what Sedona Center for Harmony & Enrichment means to me.

It is a Vibrational Healing Center.

It has been over a year of learning and perseverance opening this Center in such unique times, but I see how this Center is more important now than ever before.

People are letting go of old stories and need that extra support to heal and transform. The gathered group of practitioners at SCHE and I are committed to the healing journey of our clients and we look forward to working with you!

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